Possibly the most weebiest thing in existence and whose fandom I despise deeply, Homestuck is a webcomic I read a while back. I never actually finished it, but its premise was interesting. And the characters were lovable. Well, some of them, at least.

I have a few reasons for despising Homestuck to some extent. Although there are good people in the fandom and it has its golden moments, Hussie is a bit of a stupid guy for letting his fandom ruin his perfectly good webcomic. And, honestly? I can see why. Tumblr, the main source of the fandom, is a cash cow. It's filled with hatred and disgust towards outsiders among many other things that heavily weigh down on the source material. Some fans literally donated $100,000 just to have their characters featured in the comic, only for them to be destroyed one panel later. You know, the kind of stuff every fandom suffers from, no matter how large nor how small. The numbers just differ. Feminazis reign supreme and they did somewhat ruin my experience, although I can respect Homestuck when it is distanced from its creator and most of its fandom.

There are merits to it all, though, thankfully -- and I've already stated them.

The premise is of a group of children who play a mysterious game called Sburb and it destroys their world. The goal of the game is to create a new universe, and along the way they meet extraterrestrials and it's all downhill from there. People die, live again, and die again, and it's confusing to the point of where I nearly couldn't read it.

I love it anyways, though. It doesn't change how I feel about it all.

Later on, there was a game called Hiveswap that was supposed to support Homestuck with more lore (thanks for making it even more confusing than it already was), and this was how two fans donated $100,000. There was a LOAD of development issues and it took five or four years to completely develop, but eventually it came out in 2017. Its premise is somewhat like two of the distant relatives of the children in Homestuck swap worlds with two extraterrestrials, or something along those lines. I haven't played it yet, but it seems fun.

Overall, it's an alright piece. I'd recommend it if you don't absolutely hate the fandom, can handle confusing time stuff, among other things.