If anyone actually remembers this, I will scream. I don't actually really follow this anymore, but I respect the community it still has left and I thought it was an important historical piece because this IS a wiki about me.

The Premise

There is no premise, pretty much; there are side-stories that are somewhat interesting, but they don't go much beyond being a parody on the long since dead leet internet subculture. I still thought they were hilarious years ago, and they still do give some entertainment to me, albeit not NEARLY as much. It is still a nice thing to look back on, though. The real meat of it all is just Microsoft Sam portrayed as a character more than a text-to-speech voice along with his accompanying voices portrayed as their own characters and the adventures they go on due to Windows errors that imply Windows is sentient.

The side-stories usually consist of things like wars and they include the main characters. They're pretty radical, even if I hated them way back when. Now I watch things for the plot! Hurray!

The Characters

There's Sam, Mike, and Mary; these are the three core characters. There are way too many interpretations of the trio to actually give a clear and defined list of characters, though.