The New Wave is a single by Daft Punk released on April 11, 1994 that could've easily been a 12" extended play, so that's what I'm listing it as here. It is an acid house, acid techno and tech house record. Not much interesting here unless you're actually a fan of acid house. This is completely different from their other material, as is their tradition with changing style heavily between records; this marks their beginning; you can see some of what they would come to be just three years later on Homework. The final track would later be featured on said album.

Track Listing

A1. The New Wave (Edit) - 5:17

A2. The New Wave (Full Length) - 7:12

B1. Assault - 5:46

B2. Alive (New Wave Final Mix) - 5:15

Total time is 23:30.

There were three official pressings of this record.